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Mar 12, 2012. Keli Muralikayil - Lalitha Gaanam By Chitra Gireesh Puthancheri/M. Sukhiyyavaro Raama naama-Malayalam Light Music (+Lyrics) - Duration: . Sep 28, 2010. Athrmelennum Nilavine - Lalitha Gaanam By Chitra. YOUTH FESTIVAL LIGHT MUSIC RAJESH ATHIKKAYAM puzhayude theerath. Oct 31, 2008. Malayalam light music Music- Ravindran Sung by K S Chithra. Jan 29, 2009. Thaalolam Paadi - Lalitha Gaanam by Chitra. will anyone help me to find the light music etho nilavinte. Read more Show less . Oct 27, 2008. yea this was the title sing for one of the shows in Asianet a long time back..I remember watching the show just for this title song and at the end of . Jan 22, 2009. Varamanjal Kuri Thottu - Lalitha Gaanam By K S Chitra Music by Devarajan. Sukhiyyavaro Raama naama-Malayalam Light Music (+Lyrics) . Oct 30, 2008. Malayalam light Music by K S Chithra Music Ravindran. Oct 27, 2008. Light Music by KS Chithra. Sooorynai Thazhuki - Evergreen Malayalam Song by K S Chitra - Duration: 4:17. by EVERGREEN MALAYALAM .

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