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Notice to Pag-IBIG Fund Members with Pag-IBIG 2 (P2) Accounts Due for. real estate broker of Pag-IBIG Fund Acquired Assets Management since October 23, . All employees who are or ought to be covered by the Social Security System ( SSS), provided that actual membership in the SSS shall not be a condition . Multi-Purpose Loan · Affordable Housing Program · Provident Savings · Calamity Loan · Guide on Pag-IBIG Payment Facilities · How to increase your monthly . Membership Registration. This service enables individual to register with the Fund and secure their Pag-IBIG Membership ID Number or update their registration . The Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Program is an additional and voluntary five (5) year savings facility being offered by HDMF to its Pag-IBIG I members that will . Nov 7, 2014. Are you an OFW? Find out why you it's important to be a member of Pag-IBIG Fund and how it will help you save for your family and your future . To connect with Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF), sign up for Facebook today.. the Pag- IBIG Fund's rank-and-file employees who would like to concentrate and focus . Dec 14, 2014. With a mandate that was not clear, a political will that was not there and all sectors seemingly against the fund, Pag-Ibig Fund was born.

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