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Bianca is a feminine given name or an Italian family name. It means "white" and is an Italian cognate of Blanche. Bianca may refer to: . 766 Reviews of Bianca Restaurant "I love to eat. I love good. I'm a foodie. Good gets me excited. And this restaurant, got my heart beating so fast!! I order the . Like the player, Bianca lives in the starting town of Nuvema Town, and is also a childhood friend of the player (and soon-to-be-rival). She is described as being . Profile & Reviews; Menu of this restaurant in a popular media outlet, leading me to give Bianca a try. The team that charmed the Upper West Side with tiny Celeste has channeled the spirit of a Romagnese granny at this downtown outpost. See the review of this . Directed by Nanni Moretti. With Nanni Moretti, Laura Morante, Roberto Vezzosi, Remo Remotti. Michele is a mathematics professor who just started a new job in  . Bianca is a superb host, communicator and valuable and talented member of our Catalyst family. She's the real deal, and has a pulse on the next generation .

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