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bsrelBatchRunner. A python program to run BSREL on batches of input Nexus files utilizing bpsh and a cluster. Last updated October 25, 2013. Sep 1, 2011. རིང་བསྲེལ་, ringsel, Wyl. ring bsrel). sku'i ring bsrel); kudung ringsel (de bzhin gshegs pa'i sku gdung gi ring bsrel); (sku bal gyi ring bsrel) . "logit", "probit", "cloglog", "log", "loglog" are supported. object. A BSrel object. mc. cores. Passed to mclapply. Other parameters passed to the betareg function. Mar 11, 2011. The declarations also indicate that the Policy contains an endorsement entitled " Building Structure Reimbursement Extended Limits" (BSREL . Mar 23, 2011. Sangs. rgyas. dang. nyan. thos. mchog. zung. gi. ring. bsrel. rin. po. che. Bod. gzhung. nas. gdan. zhu. bskyangs. pa (The visit of the sacred . Jan 1, 1992. The mustard-seed-like relics (yungs-'bru Ita-bu'i ring-bsrel) are small spherical relics the size of mustard seeds, which are said to grow out of . In einem seiner Werke, dem Man ngag bye ba ring bsrel, findet zum ersten Mal der Chinesische Raupenpilz (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) Erwähnung in der . Transcriptions. Wylie, ring-bsrel. Vietnamese name. Vietnamese, Xá Lợi. Korean name. Hangul · 사리 · Hanja · 舍利. Transcriptions. Revised Romanization, sari .

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